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When there is snow everyone loves to make a snowman.
Doing it with your friends and love ones make it more memorable. 

It is a clear indication from the picture that there is snow in the surrounding. Coloring this picture can be a bit tricky when you fail to choose the right kind of colors and brushes. When there is snow people usually love to make a snowman. It will be more enjoyable and memorable to make the snowman with your friends as well as your loved ones. It will be interesting to make a snowman bigger than yourself while trying to paint this incredible picture. To begin with, you can paint the snow on the surface with white color since this is the color which is usually associated with snow during winter season. The snowman is holding a brush on his hand and he wants to do something with it. Paint this brush using any suitable color which you prefer most as long as it will rhyme well with the color of snow on the ground surface. In this picture, the snowman is wearing a long coat that is covering his entire body during this cold season. The coat keeps him warm as he is walking on the snow. The coat has buttons from the top to the bottom. Paint these buttons with any bright color to make them visible during this season. It would be appropriate to paint this coat with black, brown, grey or blue color whichever you love most. The snowman is also wearing a scarf around his neck and a head cap on his head. You can paint these with a suitable shade to bring out the right theme in this picture.

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