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Spooky Grave Yard

Graveyard looks very scary and spooky.
Imagine ghost, bats and owls in it just like in the coloring page.
Graveyard looks much more spooky when it is full moon.

This picture shows a graveyard which looks very spooky and scary. Coloring this picture can be a bit tricky and confusing because you need to bring out a mood of sorrow and sadness. This is where the dead are buried and people associate death with fear, sorrow and grief. Thus when painting this scary spooky grave yard, you need to be careful in selecting the right shades to use in order to bring out this mood vividly. As you can see from this picture, there are ghosts, owls and bats standing on the grave yard. This is a very scary scene that can make you run away very quickly once you view it. Ghosts are usually associated with black and red color to depict danger. Thus you should paint the ghosts with red and black color. For the bats, you can use grey color and a mixture of yellow and white color to paint the owls by the grave yard. This grave yard is looking very spooky because there is full moon visible on this scene. On the ground of this grave yard, there are some skulls as well as bones all over the place. These can be painted using a combination grey and white color. You can then paint the ground using brown color. There are some initials written R.I.P meaning rest in peace on the crosses placed on this grave yard. Paint these initials with a white color so that they can be visible from far. Finally paint the crosses on this grave yard with brown color.

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