in Summer

The sun is up and shinning so bright.
A happy sun that gives light to our days.
Color this coloring page brightly to make the sun shine more brightly.

Who doesn’t love to see the sun shining early in the morning? If you all love to see the sun shining brightly during the day, then you should carefully choose the right colors and brushes to paint the sun on this picture. As you can see from the picture, the sun is smiling and very happy as it is shining to give light to our days. If you want to see this sun shining even more brightly, then take your time to choose the best bright shades to use during this painting exercise. To begin with, you can paint the sun’s face with bright orange color that will depict happiness mood in our faces. The sun’s mouth is wide open showing how happy the sun is as it shines to us in the morning. The two eyes of the sun can be painted with bright yellow color to show the joy and happiness in the sun as it shines. The sun has some wavy lines on its sides which indicate the strength with which the sun is shining. The background of this picture can only be painted with either orange or yellow color since these are the only two colors that indicate the intensity of how bright the sun is. Depending on the color you will have painted the face of the sun with you need to be keen to paint the background with a vivid color that will depict happiness. Sit down and take your time to carefully select the right shades for this incredible picture.

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