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Swimming is a great way to exercise.
There are different strokes of swimming.

Swimming is a great hobby which everyone loves. It is perfect way to exercise during your leisure time. Thus it is very important to paint this picture with the right colors in order to bring out the fun in swimming. When swimming, you can use different methods or strokes, whichever you prefer. For instance, the person who is swimming in this picture is using front crawl method. The person is swimming in a pool full of clean water and he is wearing glasses. These glasses are usually made of plastic and are colored with black or brown colors. The man is very happy as we can see smiles all over his face. One of his hands is up as he swimming from one end of the swimming pool to another. To bring out the fun in this picture, then you need to carefully shade this man with the right colors as well as the water in which he is swimming. Painting his body with brown color would be appropriate as it depicts the color of human beings. The water can be colored with a light blue color since swimming pools are always treated with chemicals to make this water free from germs. Treated water usually has a light blue color. Thus, this will definitely be appropriate shade for the water. The drops above the man can as well be painted with light blue or white color to show an interesting mood. The wavy lines in the water represent waves and they can be painted with blue color also.

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