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Tanker truck is huge is carries oil, gasoline, water and other liquids.
If you see a tanker truck better not block its way.

Coloring this huge tanker truck is very easy and straight forward provided you choose your painting colors keenly. Don’t be overwhelmed by its being size. Just relax and take your colors and brush and start painting this strong tanker truck slowly. Tanker trucks are mainly used to carry oil, water, gasoline, and other liquids. It is usually advisable to give way to these tankers since they are very big and occupy a lot of space while on the road. This tanker has six big wheels. You can paint the outer rubber part of these wheels with black color while the inner metallic part can be painted using any other bright color of your choice i.e. grey, silver, blue, green or red. The four headlights of this tanker truck can be painted with bright yellow or orange color since they indicate light when it gets dark. The front part of this truck can be painted with white, blue, brown or orange color. The back side of this truck is a huge container that has some stripes. Paint these stripes with one color such as blue shade. For the other parts on this container, choose another color such as green or yellow as long as it will match well with the color painted on the stripes. This truck is travelling in a path with some loose stones on it. It would be appropriate to paint the path with brown color. Also remember to paint the clouds with white or grey color since they are visible from this picture.

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