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Toys that you will surely have fun.
There is the ball, toy car and a cute teddy bear.
Which one do you want to play first?

There are lots of toys to color in this picture and this can be a bit tricky if you don’t choose the right colors. Toys are meant to look appealing and amazing to the eyes. Toys are used by children while playing and having fun. In this picture we have a ball, very cute teddy bear as well as a toy car. You may be wondering where to start painting this picture. The easiest way to paint this incredible picture is to start with the toy ball. The toy ball has some small round circles which can be painted with a single color or a mixture of different colors. You can use any bright color such as blue, yellow, green, white, pink, purple or red to paint this ball. Any shade can do since this is a toy ball. The toy call has two wheels and it would be appropriate to paint these with black, brown or silver color. For the body of the toy car, use any bright color since these are just toys that are being used by children to play. There is a thread which is pulling the toy car. This can perfectly be painted with any color of your choice as long as it blends well with the other colors on this stunning picture. The windows of this toy car can be painted with white color to make them visible. As for the teddy bear, try shading it with different shades in order to make it more beautiful and appealing to the eyes.


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