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Three Kings

Three Kings are visiting baby Jesus.
Bringing gold, frankincense and myrrh as gifts.
As there guide to see baby Jesus is the shining star just like in the coloring page.

The graffiti of the three king will automatically take us to the happy memories of Christmas. Paint the three wise kings from orient in vivid color combinations. This image allows you to use a wide range of colors. Take the maximum use of it! Zoom in to paint the little details and do not forget to use the magic brush. Grab the paint bucket to splash background colors and paint larger objects. Kindle the aura of the ancient Bethlehem with your imagination. Use brown and grey to paint the camel and the mules. Add dark blue, black and gray to paint the night sky. Add some yellowish glow of the bright comet using the Paint Brush. The main focus should be on the three kings and the valuable gifts they carry. They represent royalty and elegance, so should your painting! Paint their jewels in a golden hue and add colorful gemstones to them. Let the kings be from three different countries, hence have different skin tones. Create your own colors to make the picture more vivid and attractive. Do not be afraid to experiment, nothing can go wrong with the beautiful image.

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