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Three Wise Men

Three wise men in the coloring page following the bright star.
The star that would bring them to Bethlehem.
They bring gifts to give to baby Jesus.

Do you know the story of the three wise men, who cam to visit infant Jesus on the Christmas day? Re-live that moment with this painting. Paint the three wise men from east riding horses and camels under a starry night sky across barren desert and oasis. You can even name the three wise men – Gaspar, Balthazar, and Melchior according to your preferences using the Add Text option. Pay equal attention to the wise men as well as the vast landscape that unravel in the background. Color the men in bright elegant colors while giving different shades of brown, black and gray to the animals. However, make sure that the three prominent figures can be recognized against the dark night sky. You will have to carefully choose colors if you are to succeed in this task. The city of Bethlehem and the ground can be painted using different tones of brown and gray. The plants and the vegetation can be given a dark green hue since it is night. As it has been emphasized over and over again, pay close attention when choosing colors keeping in your mind that this happened at a night!

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