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The boy is having fun with tobogganing.
Tobogganing is a fun activity in the snow.
It uses a a sled just like in the coloring page.

Have you enjoyed tobogganing ever? If you are a tobogganing fan, this image is just meant for you! Travel in time to the time where you slide down slopes and mountains covered in crisp white snow. Even if you do not have the experience, imagine the excitement you feel when cold air is whooshing behind you ears and hitting on your naked face, and the beauty of the passing landscapes or rather ‘snowscapes’. When painting this image we ensure that you will be carried to the snowy mountains once again. Color the snowy backgrounds and the clouds in white, light blue and grey. Use a bit dark blue hue to paint the sky. You can make slight changes to highlight each of the objects featured here. Do not forget to color the three trees in deep shades of green. It is ok to color the delightful child in a pinkish hue and his clothes in bright tones to add contrast to the entire picture.  Two or three different shades of brown will suite the sled. This image doesn’t have much tiny details, hence can be easily painted using the paint bucket.

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