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A boy or a girl loses its tooth and put it under the pillow.
They said that the tooth fairy replaces the tooth with a small payment.

Tooth fairy and the dime she leaves under the pillow are definitely happy childhood memories. The tooth fairy who is holding a tooth in hr hand is another reminiscence of your childhood. Add life to it by splashing and stroking bright colors. Heighten the tooth fairy by applying a couple of neutral colors to the background. Add some sparkly colors to the tooth fairy’s gown such as hot pink, violet, royal blue or emerald green. You can use different shades of the chosen base color to make the dress more colorful and fascinating. The tooth and wings can be given a light shades. The tiara and stars near the wand would look outstanding with a splatter of bright yellow. Of course, the tooth should be brilliant white; otherwise will the tooth fairy take it in the first place? This image gives an intermediate painter a chance to try their skills. Use the paint bucket and magic brush for a brilliant outcome. If you are brave enough,  add some sparkles and rays near the wand and the tooth with the Paint Brush’s thinnest brush size. Enjoy a relaxing and entertaining painting. Highly recommended for all.

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