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Tower of Babel

Want to know what the story in the coloring page?

Paint the ancient biblical image and add your interpretation through colors. Add whatever the colors you want to the shattering Babel tower and the chaotic background. Since you will have to make maximum use of neutral colors in a large part of this image, it is better to add some brightness and contrast through the clothing and the walls of the Babel tower. According to some historians, the tower is said to have beautiful images on the walls. Try to re-construct its majesty with the help of the tools and the millions of colors available in the palette. The surprised and frightened shouts and the demanding majestic voice of God can be illustrated with the help of the Add Text tool to add a final touch to the colored image. Zoom in accordingly to color the small details without a hassle. There is nothing to worry even if you make a mistake. You can easily go to the previous state with the help of the Wash tool or by clicking the Undo button. What are you waiting for, grab you paint and brushes and start painting the tower of Babel.

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