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Toys box that is full of toys.
Children will surely enjoy and want to have.
Toy box in the coloring page has teddy bear, ball,blocks, clown doll, car, rocket ship and more.

Once you finish painting, the toy box will be one of the most colorful pictures you will be able to find in our collection. The variety of toys and their well-detailed pictures offer you a huge opportunity to try out distinct colors. This is the best opportunity to use all your favorite colors in the color card. Never miss the chance to invent your own colors. Each item in the toy box and the toy box itself will be bursting of colors once you finish painting. It is advisable to pain the background with one or two neutral colors in order to draw attention to the main object of the image. Unlike many other images, this has no boundaries or limitations as to what colors you should use and where you should use them. The main issue with image is the tiny details of it, which will make it difficulty for you to target the right spot. Make use of the zoom in and out tool to get it right. In addition, you can label all the toys using the Add Text option. Enjoy the time you spend painting and the outcome of your ‘hard work’.

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