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Choo-choo… Here the train comes.
Color the toy train to make it more attractive to kids.

Explore the world of toys in a fancy train. True that you won’t be able to physically be a part of such endeavor, but still you can discover the heights of pleasure your mind crave by giving color to the toys presented in the picture. The wonderful image will remind you of your beautiful childhood memories and children’s stories such as Noddy. The final output will be more alluring if you do not use similar colors next to each other. The prominent figures in the portrait are the train and the blocks. Start painting them and then move on to the less significant objects and the background. Adding soft shades to the background will help to highlight the train and the blocks that are been giver brilliant colors. Make sure you identify the shapes that belong to the same object before starting.  There are no restrictions what so ever, all you have to do is use the color palette and tools and combined them with your imagination. You can print the colored picture and hang in your bedroom or frame it and keep it on your desk as a souvenir.

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