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Cute Christmas tree decorations hanging on the Christmas tree.
You can only see this during Christmas season.

This is the perfect place for a beginner to start painting. The large shapes offer even a novice the perfect opportunity to master the basics of painting. This Tree decorations image is a powerful remainder of the joy of Christmas. Use the bright red, blue and green – the Christmas colors with amber and grayish shades to complete the feel. The image also teaches about balancing colors. Even if you were a painter with some experience, this image would be a perfect way to dissolve any stress or negative emotions bubbling inside your mind. Within a few clicks, you can complete the entire image and the final output will make you happy and optimistic. Go for it; give it the best shot you have. Add a soft pastel color to the background to stand in contrast to the bright colors of the decorations and the tree. You can paint one ball in brilliant blue and grey while painting the other in bright red and amber. Give the holly wreath a much darker shade compared to the Christmas tree and the ball. The Santa’s face will be ready with a swift splash of light pink for the face and red for the hat.

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