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Coloring page of a triceratops.
It lived around late Cretaceous period.
Triceratops are plant eater and are dinosaur that look like a rhinoceros.

This prehistoric beast is a true masterpiece to paint. You can either go for a more natural look with different tones of green, brown and a splash of black here and there. Or else if you wish to resurrect one of your imaginative triceratops; you can go for vivid colors like red, blue, violet, turquoise and more. Despite what you choose, the final result will be attractive. Experiment different color combinations until you are comfortable with one. Add single or multiple colors to the background. The ground can be painted according to the color scheme you choose. The whole experience will be exiting and adventurous. You do not have to worry about overlapping colors, unless you use the Paint Brush tool. Each shape in the image is in a different layer, and it will help you to get your desired outcome easily. Even if you make a mistake, you can easily correct it by using the Wash and Undo options. Explore the horizons of limitations. Invent new alien specie if you wish. The triceratops is at your disposal, ready to be colored by your rich imagination.

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