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Turkey Pilgrim

A turkey dress like a pilgrim surrounded by a vegetables.
The turkey look so smart.

Look at this stylish Mr. Turkey with a top hat, ready for a pilgrimage. How can anyone resist painting this picture? This picture is all about color combination. The best way to paint majestic feathers is to choose different yet matching hues for each layer. You even can enhance your painting with some unique ideas such as adding multiple shades of dots in one layer. For this, you ought to use the Magic Brush. The bright colored pumpkins and the Turkey pilgrim will be a beautiful sight when you complete the painting process with an azure blue sky and lush green bushes and grass. It is best to give the top hat a jet black or dark brown splash. Add different tones of green and blue when painting the two to make it more striking. Painting this turkey pilgrim is extremely easy and satisfactory. Do not be limited to dull colors. After all the turkey does not have to look realistic, does it? Let this two legged bird pilgrim have its own unique coat of vivid feathers. If you find painting tiny details difficult, always get the help of the ‘zoom in’ option.

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