What do you observe on the two turkey?
One turkey dress as a Pilgrim turkey and the other turkey dress as an Indian turkey.

What might be the topic of conversation of this turkey couple? Perhaps you could add an interesting dialog using the Add Text tool. Even better, you can beautifully color this lovely couple with rainbow colors available in your palette. The pilgrim turkey form the town who is wearing a sophisticated hat and the Indian turkey form the village in a native Indian hat would offer you to distinct subjects to try your skills on. Illustrate the differences of the lifestyles of the two cultures through the clothing of the two.  Whatever you do, remember to make your picture brilliant and attractive. Do not even miss a single insignificant detail. If you find it difficult to target the paintbrush or bucket precisely, zoom the image. Besides, do not improvise; use the most suitable tools to get the desired outcome. Once you complete coloring the turkeys focus on the background and other minor details. To create an authentic looking sky and ground, you will have to mix and match different colors of shades together. Enjoy your task while racking you minds for the best color combinations.

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