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Tyrannosaur or most commonly know as T. rex for short.
This was the largest meat eater during the Late Cretaceous.

Are you ready to paint the notorious meat eater of the late Cretaceous era? Well, there was a time where these giant beasts ruled the earth. Get ready to recreate the ferocious carnivore of the prehistoric earth through your painting. You could paint the T.rex using different hues of green, grey, black, and brown. Make it as ferocious as possible. Paint a couple of teeth and nails in red to intensify the brutality. If you are one who sees creativity in everything, you are free to use your own thoughts to give the brutal animal a whole new alien look. Color it with bright colors to make it look like a T. rex from another world. The surrounding greenery and the ground can also be painted according to your theme. If you are talented enough, you can create a 3D look with the colors and tools available.  We know it is irresistibly tempting to not to start, but we also advice that you need some patient to complete the task successfully. The exercise can be recognized as a stress relieving one that teaches you to focus on what you do.

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