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Unicorn is said to be a legendary animal.
It looks like a white horse that has long horn and a cloven hooves.

They say the unicorn is a mythical creature crated by humans. Is it true? Can’t their be a single unicorn out there galloping in the greenest pastures and deep dark woods? What is the image that comes across your mind when you hear about this majestic and swift creature? Express the point of view you bear on the unicorn by coloring the dainty picture. Most of the time, fairy tales and movies depict this mysterious specie as a white horse with a horn in its head and cloven hooves. But should it always be white? Of course not. Give it the color you desire! The legendary creature may have beautiful goldilocks and a shiny coat of bright colors, or it can have an emerald green and navy blue mixture! Plash the colors you feel would suit the animal. If you think the palette is not having the colors you desire, create them. Nothing can come in between you and your flair for creativity. This color card is rich with millions of options to be explored. Enjoy you free hours engaged in a simple yet exiting act such as painting a unicorn!

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