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Valentines Cats

The two cats looks so in love.
A picture perfect on two cats in love.

Be the one who paints the cute cat lovers during the valentine. Can there be a more beautiful site than the love stricken tomcat offering his heart with an irresistible valentine’s gift? Look at the awe inspired tabby cat gazing longingly at her love of life! It is your duty to feed colors to this sweet picture. Let the hearts glow in crimson red and paint the feline lovers in shades of your choice. It is better if you could paint them in two colors to make the picture more colorful and to convey a powerful message to the society. Apart from the trembling mouse, there isn’t anything else that suggests something opposite to love in this picture. But after all, can you blame the handsome cat for gifting his valentine with the best gift could get hold of? You can either paint the surrounding environment with soft hues to draw the attention on the couple or add some bright colors to portray the intense feelings of the couple. Either way, the picture will be worth printing. Since most of the objects and shapes are considerably large, you can make use of the Paint Bucket to paint.

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