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Valentines Dogs

Look how cute the dogs are in the coloring page.
They show there love by giving a heart shape and a bone as a gift.
There are so many hearts shape around them showing how much they are in love.

Is this what we called ‘puppy love’? Guess not, cause the canine couple seems head over heels in love with each other. Give color to the love they share on the Valentine’s Day. You could represent the machismo of the dog with a darker color coat while giving a soft shade like cream or white to represent the fluffy little lass. It seems that nothing can come in between them. Express their level of passion and love with a series of red hearts in the background. The romantic gift – the meat bone, its ribbon and the heart shaped souvenir gifted towards the lass can be colored in a way to represent the undying love between the couple. The background plays a crucial role in highlighting the main characters of the image. Thus, you should pay proper attention to each detail if you are to make a great portrait. It is not difficult in any means, you can have few stress free minutes relishing in the depths of love as you splash colors on to the picture. Take your time and create a masterpiece.

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