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Valentines Kids 2

Planning to make a card for your love one?
Make the card more sentimental by making it your own.

Love has no age boundaries. We, human’s can fall in love from the very young age until our deathbed. Show your love to your loved one by gifting him or her this beautiful picture that depicts nothing but pure love. The largest heart can be pained using crimson red – the color of love. It is better to color he rest of the hearts with a different color to balance the color combination in the image. Personify you and your lover by giving identical skin tones and hair colors using the advance color palette. You can even add you names and a small love note using the Add Text feature. It is better to give a single light color tone to the background since it will highlight the key characters of the image. Make the art personalized with our creativity. Match colors, mix colors or even create colors. Zoom in to paint all the tiny segments presented in the portrait. Everything is possible with this cute picture of two young lovers. And it will take just a few minutes to finish this fun task.

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