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Valentines Mice

Everyone is showing there love.
Mouse show also there love by giving heart shape gift and a cheese just like in the coloring page.
Color the page to make it more romantic.

You never thought love is only meant for humans, did you? Well, if you thought so, you are mistaken. Look at this innocent love between two cute mice. You are the one who should add color to their little world of love. This image has many miniature details and so it will be a better challenge for experienced painters. Zooming in and out whenever you want is extremely easy with the Zoom tool. The cute mice could be painted using light shades of ash and brown. Make the picture more colorful by giving bright colors to their clothes. Make sure you give the delicious piece of cheese the color of your favorite cheese. Can there be a sweeter way to say “I Love You” than giving your whole heart and your favorite food to the love of your life? You might be an ecstatic lover; illustrate your emotions through colors by spending a couple of minutes to paint this beautiful picture of pure love. Painting is a proven relaxing method. Don’t you believe us? Why not try this simple exercise to see it for yourself?

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