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This kind of truck carry heavy and big loads that can’t be loaded to an ordinary cars.
If wide load truck are too much wide for the lane, pilot cars re used to warn people and to have a safe roads.

Gigantic wide load trucks have been able to attract public speculation since they were introduced to the world. If you had a childhood with dreams full of these enormous trucks, you will find this picture irresistible. Show your love for these monster trucks to the world by coloring this alluring picture. Apart from just plashing colors on the available layers and shapes, you can your own creativity using the Paint Brush feature. Perhaps, you’d want to indicate fumes coming out of the two silencers. Feel free to add your own creativity wherever you like. The picture is a detailed one. Thus, it allows you to indulge your mind in the beauty of the wide load truck while painting it in your favorite colors. For miniature details it is always better to use the Magic Brush and for larger details use the Paint Bucket to save time, unless you need more than one color in a layer. If you are really good, you will be able to include the pilot cars that accompany the monster trucks. However, painting the picture alone would be enough to make you feel good!

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