Wild Pig

This is a wild pig or wild boar.
Wild pigs are dangerous, have sharp tusks and looks grumpy.
So be careful if you see one in the forest.

The wild pig or wild boar as we all know is not a beautiful creature. But, it has its own unique characteristics. It is fierce, merciless and strong. The tusks that protrude for the corners of its mouth are the main weapon a wild pig uses against its attackers. Nevertheless, this beast has a beauty of its own. Nature lovers, zoologists and even hunters seem to be fascinated by the nature of this animal. If you fall into one of the above categories, you will quite enjoy painting this picture. The best way to paint this picture is to use a range of green and brown shades for the surrounding greenery as well as the boar and the ground. It will give a more realistic look to the image. Wild pigs are also often personified as notorious characters in many cartoons. Thus, some might see this picture as a resurrection of one of those characters from a favorite cartoon. Such people can go ahead and use whatever the colors (even colors like lilac and pink!!!) they feel would suite this animal. Enjoy your challenge!

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