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Wisdom of Solomon

The coloring page is about the wisdom of Solomon on how he handle the situation.

We all enjoyed listening to bible stories when we were kids. Stories about King Solomon and his wisdom were some of our favorites in the old testimony. You have now the chance to re-live the moment where King Solomon exhibited his profound intelligence when he had to decide the mother of an infant. Paint this portrait that depicts the scenario where the fake mother tries to kill the child. You can use a wide range of colors to color the costumes and the background. Use your imagination or you can even check in the internet to get a brief idea on what would this era in ancient Arab looked like. The search will not only give you a clear idea on the colors used at that era but also in-depth knowledge. You can add remarks of horror uttered by the real mother using the Add Text option. Though the image looks complicated for you to paint, it has been made extremely easy. Unless you use the Paint Brush option, paint will not spread outside the boundaries. Spend our leisure time flashing down the memory lane through a simple exercise like this.

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