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The witch is making a potion.
Wish that she won’t use it on you.

Witches have been able to fascinate us as well as frighten us for ages. This picture is meant for the ones with a passion and interest in witchcraft, dark magic and all the horrible stories told about ancient powerful witches. The palette is all yours to choose the best colors that suites this spooky scene. The bubbling witch portion can be colored in a color such as purple or pink along with the fumes of another luminous hue. Use all what you have heard, read and seen in books, movies and from your parents to give this picture the eerie look it deserves! Tangled grey hair, reddish eyes, yellowish teeth, crumpled dirty face and hands accompanied by the rags worn will complete the look of the nasty looking witch. Once you are done with the main elements, use your creativity to create a spooky background. Don’t let the image limit your imaginations. You can add a couple of cobwebs and spiders to complete the portrait of a real habitat of a witch. Are you ready to accept the challenge?

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