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A strong powerful wizard is what you see in the coloring page.
Casting a powerful spell.
Good wizard loves to help good people.

Wizards and their powerful spells have been topics that gave us an ocean of different emotions. Specially through movies that had wizards as powerful character. As kids we tend to adore their powers and capabilities. Usually wizards with floss like hair and beard with costumes and accessories similar to this picture were regarded as the ones who help the weak. Enter the world of enticing witchcraft by painting this picture using your own imagination. The magic crystal, the staff, hat and the clothes add a magical wonder to the portrait. Color the costumes with dramatic bright colors like purple, green, red, blue etc. that are associated with wizardry images. By adding uncommon colors to the sky and far away mountain ranges, you can intensify the magical moment depicted. You could also add several shades of yellow and orange to the flames or a different color like turquoise to enhance the effect. The long beard and the hair of the old wizard can be colored in a light grey hue. Once you complete the image, you’ll get a satisfaction beyond words. If you don’t believe us, try it and see it for yourself!

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