Beware of wolves in the forest.
If you see one like in the coloring page you better hide.
Wolves are hunters and much likely they avoid people.

Wolves have been associated with a lot of folk lore and fictional tales that have become popular at present. Movies and TV series that speak about werewolves are famous among many teenagers and young adults. If you are also fancying these mythical characters, you might be happy to color this fierce looking wolf in a jungle. Wolves are strong and merciless. You have to pay attention to the surrounding as well when splashing your imagination in the form of colors. Because, the vegetation around the beast is too descriptive and diversified to ignorantly give just one color. The more colors you use the better your end result will be. Use a light blue tone to the sky. Use two or three shades of grey and a sprinkle of brown to bring out the beauty of the wolf. Giving the animal reddish eyes would increase its ferocity in the picture. Give it all it takes to make the image look realistic. Use the three types of paint applicants and other tools to create a unique picture.

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