Zebra is a close relative of donkey and horse.
Zebra can be easily be identified because of its black and white stripes.

Zebra is one of the most striking animals in savannah and bushy forests. Its unique outward appearance distinguishes it from horses and donkeys that are in the same family. If you think coloring this black and white beauty is a piece of cake, you are mistaken! If you are to succeed, you have to pay close attention and carefully choose the stripes you need to paint in black. It is advisable to start form one end of the animal and continue your way to the other end rather than spattering black randomly. Because painting alternate stripes perfectly in black should be your goal. Once you complete the zebra, move on the grassland. You can either choose to give them different tones of green or brown. The occasional trees that protrude here and there could be painted in darker shades of green. The sky and clouds would look perfect if you splash azure, and white with a grey touch respectively. The picture is all about patience and discipline. If you can complete the image successfully, we guarantee that you have excelled in the two positive characteristics too!

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