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Its Christmas time!!!

Look at these cute and adorable animals celebrating Christmas. Don’t they badly need some color here to make it truly festive? The job is all yours. Use the available brushes, complete color palette and the paint bucket tool and other tools to give this picture a real feel. A cat, a rat and a dog; what a combination itself. You can use the colors of the palette to paint this picture at your will and complete freedom of choice. You are the artist and you decide which shape or object in this picture is painted in which color. But if you need a suggestion, use any shade of green to color the Christmas tree. For the light bulbs, well you know, you can use almost any bright color including red, green, blue and yellow. Use shades of brown to color the fur and coat of the animals. Apply a light color on the chest. Use vivid colors for the gift packs in the picture. Since the background is open, you can use blue color to fill it as the sky. Enlarge the picture to color the fine details to make your painting even better and closer to perfection.

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