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Animals Go To School

Three cute animals are on their way to school early in the morning! Two of them look very happy and excited but one is not. Can you paint them up with some colors and make this picture even livelier. If you think you are really good with colors and brushes, you’ll find it a cake walk to complete this picture. If you think you are new to this and want some help, here are a few suggestions. Use a brown shade to color the fur of the dog and the cat. For the rat you can select another shade of brown or preferably grey color. They are wearing clothes, so you have the ultimate freedom to select any color for the clothes, Color their bags in separate colors so that they will look distinctive despite the color of the cloth and the brown shade of the fur. Use light green to color the bushes in the background. To color the school at the left corner of the picture, you can use yellow or orange color. An animal school doesn’t have to look dull. Use your best imagination to color it freely.


We Love School!
It is a fun place to go.
We can learn new things and make new friends and play with them.

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