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Here comes Ankylosaurus!!!

Even T. rex won’t try to mess with them.

Ankylosaurus was a tank-like dinosaur that has lots of thick, bony armor on the body. It also had a nasty weapon, a heavy club on the end of its tail for dinosaur that would attack.

Who wouldn’t love to paint an ankylosaurus? Sit down and get ready with the brushes and other tools. You are going to color a cute giant reptile. Look at its skin. It’s rough and looks rugged. You can use a shade of brown color to apply on to the fore and hind legs of the dinosaur. Color its large chest with the same color but with a lighter shade for the best effect. If you are still unsure which color should be used on the background, a light green or blue shade is cool. Use different brown shade to color the ground and a darker color to paint the shell on the reptile. In fact, you don’t have to follow these instructions to paint this ankylosaurus. Color palette is at your complete disposal. Feel free to pick any color and apply where you like it. Coloring on this platform is a truly amusing experience since each and every shape and object in the picture can be painted as separate layers without having to worry too much about using the brush with care. You can even carelessly paint the picture and still have a perfect output in the end. 

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