Baby Jesus

Horray horray!!!
Baby Jesus is born.
To show our love for Baby Jesus we celebrate his birth on Christmas day with family and friends.

Sit down and calm yourself first. Grab the brushes and paint bucket to paint the adorable baby Jesus. Take one good look at the picture and you will know how to paint it and which colors to use. You are coloring the birth of the son of god. What colors will you pick? You can use shades of yellow color to color the faces and another light color to paint the clothes. If you look carefully, you will see that there are only four main objects in the picture. The star should be bright, so you can use a high contrast warm color for it. Since it is a night scene, use a dark color for the background, preferably dark blue. By now you should have completed most of the picture. Painting what is left is quite simple. Use your own creative imagination to color the smaller and fine details of the picture. Use the zoom in and out tool to make it easier to color every detail. Painting on this platform is quite easy and fun since it has been developed as separate layers. You can even carelessly paint it fast and still get a good output in the end.

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