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And he swings the bat and hit the ball hard…
Its a home run…

Bang! Hit the ball right on spot! Complete the picture with colors to make it perfect. How long will you take? Ten minutes is probably more than enough. Drawing on this online coloring platform is really easy. All you have to do is pick the right tools, select your preferred colors from the palette and apply on the picture. Each and every shape and object in the picture can be painted separately without having to worry about the lines. Once you start to color it you will realize how easy it is. Wondering where to start? Pick a paint brush or the paint bucket and select a color. Let’s start by painting the ball. Use a very light shade of brown or grey for the ball. To color its terrified eyes, use a mildly light shade of red. You can indicate the power of the shot by coloring the area at the boundary of the ball with a bright yellow shade. For the stars, pick any bright color of your choice, bright yellow is still a good pick. You should be probably having a good idea on how to complete the other parts of the picture by now. Use your complete freedom of choice and creative imagination to finish the paint job in time.

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