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Unwind and take a rest in the beach.
After swimming in the beach sit, relax in a beach chair and get tan.
Have you went to a beach? 

Bright sun, sand and the sea! What else in the world will make you feel better! Color the picture to make it complete. Use the color palette and paint brushes freely to complete the picture just the way you want. Wondering where to start? What about the beach? Let’s pick a light yellow shade for the sand. Painting large areas can be easily done with the paint bucket. Use the brushes to paint smaller areas and fine details. You can even color the whole picture using paint bucket easily, but to make it perfect, use the brushes where needed. This picture clearly has many objects and shapes in it. To make each and every object in the picture appear distinct and clear, it is better to use different colors as possible. Use warm colors for large areas and cool colors for smaller areas. Color the sky with a light blue shade; remember it’s a bright and shiny day. To paint the minute details in the picture, enlarge the photo using the zoom in an out tool. Once completed, save the picture to your computer as a jpeg media file or take a direct printout.
Color this coloring page as how you see it. Feel as if you are in the beach sitting in a beach chair enjoying.

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