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Big Dog Small Dog

Which dog you think looks cute in this coloring page?
The big one or the small one?

What is this puffy thing in my yard? Asks the big dog! Paint the picture to make it a complete. If you look closely you will see there are many shapes and objects in the picture. But that is not a challenge as long as you are using this platform to paint this picture. Painting on this online coloring platform is quite easy and enjoyable. Each and every shape and object is a separate layer. You can start painting the picture almost carelessly and still end up with a beautifully and meticulously painted picture in the end. Use the zoom in and out tool to enlarge the picture to conveniently fill the small details. Use a light brown tone on the big dog. Doesn’t it look like Scooby-Doo? At least the same breed. Use a very light brown tone or a light grey shade to paint the small dog. Main two characters in the picture are now complete. Objects and shapes in the ambience also need to be painted in matching colors. Use different green shades for plants and bushes. Light blue will fill the sky perfectly. Use vivid colors for the flowers.

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