Make your own piece of art and show it to your family and friends. 
You can put it in a frame and give it as a present.

Well what is there to paint in a blank sheet? Everything! A blank sheet is the origin of all creativity. It provides you complete freedom to make a real representation of your creative imagination. Use the color palette, the brushes and the paint bucket freely to color your own imagination. This is way simpler and better than most in-built painting software you may find on your computer. It contains all the tools you need and the user interface is quite digestible for anyone. Draw anything and everything. If you are impressed in the end, save it your computer in jpeg format or take a direct printout. What a great and amusing way to spend your leisure time! Use the text tool to add your own text to the picture. Explore yourself and discover the hidden artist in you. Even the most carelessly drawn scribble can have an aesthetic uniqueness and specialty. What matters is not what you draw, but how you draw it. Most graffiti arts on the street were once scribbles, but now people admire them. Use this blank space to find out how good an artist you are.

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