Cain and Abel

Cain and Abel two brothers brought offering to God.
Cain brought from the fruits from his ground while Abel brought some of the first-born of his flock and of its fat

Before start painting, take a good look at the picture. It may seem almost impossible to complete in a few minutes given it contains a lot of details, but on this online coloring platform you can easily and fast complete a picture beautifully. Use the zoom in and out tool to enlarge the picture to easily paint every detail. If you think you are good at using the color palette to paint the picture, you can simply start to paint it. If you think you need suggestions, here are a few. You can use different shades of the same color to paint similar objects. For an example, use different shades of green to color the bushes seen in the picture. Painting all the bushes with the same shade of green will make the picture look and feel less attractive. Use yellow and bright orange color to fill the fire. To indicate the bright rays of light from the sky, you can use light yellow. Use bright colors where needed. Use your creative imagination. This picture needs to be painted carefully giving attention to every detail. If you want to add a text to the picture, or mention your name on it, use the text tool.

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