Cool Cat

Look at the cat at the rooftop.
The cat in this coloring page looks cool with his hat and bow.
He surely put a smile on the face to make him a cool cat.

Do you love to watch Tom and Jerry every week? Are you one of those who always love to support all cartoons and anime where animated cats are available to serve as special characters? Well, this is the right time for you to make your own perfect example of cool cat that can be used as a special character in the animated series for television industry. Look at this image, there’s a cat that wears a hat and bow on the rooftop. Can you make this one more attractive and interesting for everyone by providing it with a set of wonderful colors from the set of coloring tools that we’ve provided in this new coloring book page?

Don’t forget to use your creativity and maximize the use of your time in beautifying this image. You don’t need to rush it. Just follow your imagination and emotions as you start to apply different types of colors in the different sections of this image. We’re hoping that this image will be very colorful and elegant once you’re already done in the coloring activity. Make it more realistic and convert the image of the cool cat into a more interesting character with the use of all colors that you can find in this online coloring book that we’ve created.

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