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This is a Cornucopia that is shaped of the basket that looks like horn.
Cornucopia coloring page contains fruits, vegetables, flowers and nuts.
This symbolize abundance and nourishment.

This is an image of cornucopia that lacks color and elegant design. We would like to entrust it to you this time and please make it more elegant with the use of all coloring tools that we’ve provided for you in this free coloring book page. We all know that a cornucopia is always comparable to a horn because of its shape and design. But in this image, we decided to use it a special basket for fruits and vegetables. Use your creative mind and imagination as you start to provide this image with a colorful design to make it more attractive and realistic than what it used to be.

You can be one of the most talented artists in this world once you’ve proven to us that you possess great skills in art-making with this new coloring book page. Please provide it with a colorful design that symbolizes nourishment and abundance. Try to make it more beautiful with the use of all designs and color combination that you can see in the real examples of cornucopia that can be found in historical places and souvenir shops around the globe. Use the appropriate set of colors for all fruits that are available in this image.

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