Moooo moooo the cows says…
The cow has a big bell in the neck.
It eats grass to make milk for everyone.

Please use this to share your unique description for cow in a very creative way. In this coloring book page, we will test the level of your creativity with the use of this sketched image of a cow. We would like you to provide it with a set of color that suits to its setting. Make it more realistic with the use of your creative mind and don’t forget to preserve its wonderful setting by selecting a set of colors that are 100% compatible for all characters that we’ve provided to it. We believe that you know something about the real image of a cow and we would like to encourage you to use that knowledge in converting this simple image into a more realistic picture of a cow that’s full of life.

Make it more meaningful and attractive with the use of all colors that you want to apply in each character and object that we’ve provided in its setting. Anyway, there’s a special coloring toolbar that you can use in this coloring book page as your source of wonderful shades of color for the image of a cow that we’ve provided for you in this section.

Feel free to improve its appearance based on everything that you can see in your imagination. Be artistic and take your time. You don’t need to rush the completion of this new artwork if you really want to enhance its quality into a higher level. Don’t forget to post it in your Facebook account once it is already done.

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