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Coloring this doll and the items around it can be tricky. Dolls should be pretty and hence while coloring it you should be very keen to make it look very attractive. There are quite a number of items beside the doll too. The items include a mirror, comb, wind-up flower and lipstick to make the doll beautiful.  You should therefore be careful while coloring the doll and the items to make it an adorable toy. You should use pretty and attractive shades like pink, red and other bright shades to color it. While coloring the doll, you should use nice shades like pink and white to color the dress. You can shade her shoes black and the socks red. You can use a brown color to shade her hair to make it pretty. Do not forget to shade her hair ribbons too. You should use a bright shade like white so that they can be seen. When shading these items you should use colors that will make each of these items beautiful and the overall picture very attractive. The wind-up flower should be colored with many shades to make it very beautiful.  You can use red shade to color the tip of the lipstick and black to cover the lipstick holder. You can use any shade to color the comb.  Just make sure it looks beautiful too. Afterwards you can color the back ground and the flower vase in it. You should use the same shade for the background to make the picture attractive.

Doll is every girl favorite toy.

Besides the doll are wind-up flower and mirror, comb and lipstick for the doll to make it beautiful.

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