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This picture shows a very big dragon that is on top of a mountain. It is a very scary creature and it looks so angry that it is breathing fire. Coloring this dragon to express it a fierce and scary creature can be quite trick and interesting. You need to be careful when choosing the shades to color the different parts of this picture. The shades should depict the mood of the dragon and its surrounding. This means that you will have to use different shades on different parts of the picture to express the message. For instance, you should use yellow and orange shades to express the fire from the mouth of the dragon. A flame of fire is yellow with orange shade at the outer edges. The dragon is covered with scales on its body and so you can use different shades of brown to color it. Its’ mouth is wide open showing the sharp teeth; color the teeth with a white shade. Use shades of black and dark brown to color the horns of the dragon and its sharp claws. The dragon also has wings which you can color with a light brown shade. Next you should color the surrounding of the dragon. It is on a rocky mountain and you can use shades of black and grey to color the mountain. Background of this picture is the sky and there are some clouds. You should depict this background by using sky blue shade for the sky and white shades for the clouds.

A fire breathing dragon that looks really angry.
The dragon is really big, looks very scary.

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