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This picture shows a very happy Easter bunny delivering eggs to people and wish them a Happy Easter. You should color this bunny with bright colors to show the happy mood of Easter. This is quite easy as there are many bright shades you can use in coloring this Easter bunny. You can use shades of white and pink to color the costumes of the bunny so that it looks bright and happy. Color the teeth of the bunny with a white shade and the nose with a bright pink shade.  The bunny is carrying a basket of colored eggs and candies to deliver to children. Different shades should be used to color the eggs that the bunny is carrying. You can color them using purple, red, pink and fuchsia shades to make them look very colorful. Most baskets are brown and so you can use this shade to color the basket. After coloring the Easter bunny and its basket of eggs, you should color the background to complete the picture. The sun is brightly shining and a shade of yellow is very suitable for coloring it. The word happy Easter is written in bold letters on the background. You should use bright shades like red, orange and green to color these letters to make them conspicuous. The flowers beside the Easter bunny can be colored using shades of green for the leaves and pink for the flowers to make them appealing. This will make the picture of Easter bunny look very attractive.

Look at the Easter Bunny hopping in the field under the sun.

With basket full of Easter eggs.

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