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Easter Chick Egg House

In this picture, the Easter is very happy carrying three eggs on his hand. He is ending to his egg shaped home and the door is wide open. Choosing the right colors to paint Easter chick, his eggs and home can be a bit tricky since we need to preserve the happiness mood which is already in this picture. First of all, Easter chick needs to be noticed and the best color to paint him is grey and black on the entire body. The three big Easter eggs should be painted white so that they can be very visible from far. One needs to see what Easter is carrying to his home. The next thing to look at is the path which Easter is walking through. This path needs to be painted brown. There is also the ladder to Easter’s home. This one should be painted brown or black whichever you prefer as these two match well the color on Easter. As for the door, you can paint it with maroon or orange color. You can then paint the home with a variety of colors such as sky blue, pink, green and orange. For the roof, you can use any color of your choice as long as it will blend well with the other colors in the surrounding. The tree behind Easter can perfectly be painted with green color to give a sense of nature. You can use light blue color for the background as it will definitely depict the surrounding environment.

Look how happy the Easter chick .
The Easter chick went home with the Easter eggs.
In her home that is egg-shaped.

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