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Easter Chick Hatching

Coloring this new Easter chick which has hatched can be a bit tricky and you need to carefully select the right shades for painting this incredible picture. As you can see from the picture, the Easter chick is very excited and happy has it gets out of the egg. The Easter chick has two beautiful wings which need to be painted with attractive color to make it appealing to the eyes. The wings can be painted with bright colors such as white and grey to make it noticeable to people. The cracked egg can then be painted with light brown crown or any other color which you think will create a good theme on this event. There is a cracked shell on top of Easter chick. This one can be painted with white color to indicate a new life which has come to existence. There are also two Easter eggs on the side which are about to hatch. They have a flower on their sides. You can choose to paint this flower with a brown color to blend well with the Easter chick hatching. The hatched chick is happy and it would be great to paint its beak and eyes with a bright color to indicate happiness and excitement in the surrounding. The Easter chick also has a small bow tie on its neck. The best color to paint this tie is a mixture of white or black. For the background, choose a light blue or any bright color that will match well with the Easter chick hatching.

Wow… one of the Easter egg cracks and pops out an Easter chick.
The Easter chick looks excited.

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