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Look at this incredible picture of an Easter egg trying to disguise itself as an Easter bunny. If you want to paint this picture and bring out the right theme, then you need to be very careful in your color selection. This picture needs to be very attractive and appealing as you need to bring out the Easter bunny being happy and excited as it brings you some flowers and Easter egg. The Easter egg is disguising as a big Easter bunny with two big ears on the head as well as some two white teeth on the face. The eyes are wide open and they indicate happiness and excitement. The eyes should be painted in black and white color to bring out an appealing mood. As for the teeth, it is advisable to paint them with a bright color such as white. This will make this Easter bunny to be very attractive as well as noticeable. The Easter egg bunny also has two flat feet resembling those of a big bunny. These ones can be painted with light brown or black color. The Easter egg bunny also has two hands. One hand is holding flowers and the other one is holding Easter egg. You can paint the flowers with any bright color such as orange, yellow, green, blue or pink to indicate the natural beauty of environment. As for the Easter egg which is on the right hand, you can paint it with a dark color such as brown. Use any suitable color for the background.

Putting a big ears on the head and a teeth and feet like a bunny.

Bringing flower and Easter egg for you.

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