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Coloring this incredible picture in order to bring out the mood of joy and happiness during Easter season can be a hard task if you do not choose your colors well. In order to bring out happiness on this special Easter occasion, you need to paint the bunny, lamb, Easter eggs and the other things in this picture with attractive colors that are appealing to the eyes of the viewers. As you can see from the picture, the lamb is carrying bunny on his back and she is walking step by step towards the altar. The lamb is very happy as you can see from her face. It would be appropriate to paint her face with black and white color as it symbolizes peace and joy. It would also be great to paint her entire body with white color. The four legs of the lamb should be painted with both a mixture of black and white color to bring out a theme of happiness and humility during this occasion. The lamb is also wearing a bell which is tied around her neck. The bell should be painted with silver or grey color so that it can shine to indicate the light of God during Easter celebrations. The bunny on the other hand is carrying two Easter eggs on her hand and she is smiling. She is sitting comfortably on the back of the lamb. You can paint the bunny and the eggs with a bright color so that they look appealing and be very noticeable. The background can then be painted with any suitable bright color to match with other colors.

Looks whose enjoying the season of Easter.
A great way to enjoy Easter is coloring this fun page.

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