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This picture is of a family gathered to have a thanksgiving dinner. There is a delicious big turkey set on the table for the family to enjoy. Coloring this picture is very interesting. You have to use different shades to show various details in the picture. The food set on the table is very delicious and so you have to use shades that show it is tasty. Grilled turkey or chicken is normally light brown in color when ready. Thus you should use light brown shade that will make the turkey look tasty. There are some vegetables and potatoes to eat with the turkey. You use a green shade to color the vegetables and a cream shade for the potatoes. Use a white shade to color the platter on which the food is placed and the cup on the table. The fork on the turkey should be colored with a bright grey shade. Most dinner tables are dark brown in color and so it would be nice to use this shade to color the table. After coloring the table you should color the family members. They look very happy and thus use bright shades to color them. Use a light brown shade to color their faces and pink, blue, red and white shades for their clothes. Finally color the background to complete the picture. There is a picture on the wall and window with beautiful curtains in the background. Use light blue shades to color the curtains and picture on the wall. Leave the windows clean and use a cream shade for the wall.

Family gathered to have a thanksgiving dinner.
A delicious turkey on the table to share with the family.
The children are amaze how big the turkey.

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